Monday, January 12, 2009

Opportunties Exist... Grab One

In 1928, when Walt Disney was only 26 years old, he was on the train from New
York back to Kansas, when he drew a cartoon of a mouse on his sketchpad.
Convinced that this drawing had the potential to be a success, he decided that he
wanted to use it in a new form of film that had started to emerge called animation.
In 1926, silent cartoons were still the only form of cartoon being produced, but Walt
had a dream that he wanted his mouse to feature in the first cartoon which featured
sound. In order to achieve this, he needed to raise approximately $15,000. In today’s
money, that would be about $1 million.
Now put yourself in the shoes of a New York bank manager sitting at your desk
opposite a 26 year old lad who is asking you for a $1 million loan in order to make a
new type of film - which doesn’t even exist yet - and involves a mouse.
Walt’s bank manager laughed him out of the bank.
Undeterred Walt popped along to another bank to present his plan. He received a
similar reaction. The same happened at another. And another. And another…
How many banks would you have visited, receiving a mixture of negative and hostile
reactions, before giving up? One? Two? Ten? Twenty?
Don't let inaction keep you from opportunity to better your life.
Walt Disney visited 305 banks before he found one prepared to take a chance with
Grab this chance NOW.

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